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Turistična kmetija Samec

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Información general

The Samec tourist farm lies in the small village of Sele, surrounded by pristine nature and offering magnificent views of the mountains nearby.
The hosts have thoughtfully transformed a typical former granary into modernly equipped apartments for their guests that are an excellent choice for families with children. The Samec family granary is one of the few still preserved granaries in Slovenia. They were used in the past for storing grain, dry fruit and walnuts, with a few pieces of cured meat or sausages hanging from the ceiling. Next to the granary is a lovely miniature kozolec (hayrack), which children staying at the farm can use for playing.
Guests of the farm prepare their own food, while hosts can provide some of the ingredients since they breed cows, pigs and sheep on the farm.
Some of the popular tourist attractions nearby are Meško's trail, Ivarčko Lake, the Land of Dwarfs trail, and the underground world below Mount Peca. If you are a cycling fan, you can sit on your bike and cycle around Uršlja Gora or explore the underground world in the former mines under Mount Peca. Hikers can head to the nearby mountains such as Uršlja gora, Peca or Raduha. You can also explore the nearby town of Slovenj Gradec, and if adrenaline is what you're looking for, you can try hang-gliding or climbing (popular climbing areas are Sele and Votle peči near Ravne). In winter you can head to the ski slopes at Kope, Rimski vrelec, Bukovnik and Ivarčko.

for 2 persons: 40 €
for 4 persons: 50 €
for 6 persons: 60 €