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Hiša posebne sorte - House of Special Sort

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Información general

Where the plateau of Kras and the valley of the Vipava river meet, a stone's throw away from the famous village of Štanjel there is the idyllic village of Kodreti. The name of the village originates from the now extinct family Kodre which moved to the area centuries ago. The village lies in the valley of the Branica which separates the Vipava valley and the plateau of Karst, between the hills Lukovnik and Gradišče. The parish church of St. Katarina (Catherine) with three altars and interesting frescoes is the common church for all tiny villages in the upper part of the Branica valley (the villages being Koboli, Večkoti, Čehovini, Dolanci, Kodreti in Trebižani). The typical village of the region of Primorska offers the right amount of everything we long for; with its integrity, genuineness and homeliness it charms every passer-by. People, living in the modern and hectic style of life, hopefully find at least a hint of their inner peace while staying in a village like Kodreti. Since we are aware of the treasures we have here and the needs you have, we have decided to aim our mission onto you - the people who would love to enjoy what we have, the unspoilt nature and the homeliness of our farm.
The vision of the homestead House of a Special Sort reflects in the high quality and originality of its offer which involves a symbiosis of local characteristics (nature, wine growing, climate) and knowledge (personal knowledge - knowing the culture, traditions, therapeutical knowledge; external partners). Our creative gist which distinguishes us from all the rest is achieved by thoughtful implementation of potentials and their combinations (nature-culture-tradition-health) into a unique story. The visitor can therefore let the story lead him from the beginning till the end. It is, nevertheless, the most important for us that our visitor completely relaxes and refreshes himself with positive energy while staying at our house.«
Our mission also involves the local community to make our farm function well - from the food, materials, arts and crafts to help in organisation and occasional extra staff - the family, relatives and other people from the village work in the House.