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You can find pleasant rooms and apartments in the old city core of the treasury of the millennium by the Drava River in a completely renovated building that is also a cultural monument. <br> Each apartment has a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom, and each room has a bathroom and cable television. <br> A private parking space and bicycle rental are also available. <br> Just minutes by bicycle on the cycle trail across the pedestrian bridge and along the dike beside the river, which offers a wonderful view of the oldest city in this part of Europe, will take you to the Ptuj Thermal Spa.<br>

Ausflugs-Bauernhof mit einer Wohnmöglichkeit . Eine 20 Jährige Tradition, Kapazität von 60 Sitzplätzen. Wir haben auch 17 Betten in neu renovierten Zimmern, die in die Kategorie der 4 Äpfel gehören. Wir bieten auch Übernachtungen für Behinderte an. Zur Verfügung steht auch eine Teeküche und ADSL Internetzugang, der für alle Gäste kostenlos ist. Am Bauernhof können Sie auch Pferde weiden lassen und dann an heißen Tagen ein Bad in unserem Teich nehmen. Wenn Sie wollen, können Sie auch bei verschiedenen Arbeiten am Bauernhof mithelfen (Weinlese, Kürbisse, Futter usw.). Der Bauernhof bewirtschaftet den Weingarten mit einer Gesamtfläche von 4 ha. Kultiviert werden Weinsorten wie Welschriesling, Rheinriesling, Šipon, gelber Muskatwein und Lemberger. Außerdem haben wir noch Äcker mit einer Gesamtfläche von 4 ha, auf denen Spitzenkürbiskernöl und andere Futterarten für den Hausstall erzeugt werden, wie auch einen großen Gemüsegarten. Wir besitzen auch eine eigene biologische Reinigungsanlage und Heizung auf Holzgas. Den Weingarten und die Äcker bewirtschaften wir gemäß integrierten Richtlinien und gehören damit den umweltfreundlicheren Bauernhöfen an. In unmittelbarer Nähe befinden sich auch Thermalbäder. Besuchen Sie uns am Beginn der Weinstraße von Jeruzalem im Herzen der Natur, wenn Sie einen Urlaub und Erholung auf höchstem Niveau erleben möchten.!

In the village Logje, which is in an area just above Nadiža, we renovated the old house - holiday home Logje. It includes three different modern apartments for 2, 3 and 6 people. The old vaulted cellar is a social space, suitable for groups of 10-12 people. The house has a beautifully courtyard, a covered space for socializing witch as an open fireplace and bread oven. It has also a parking place and wastewater treatment plant. Near by is the field, where guests can accumulate all the necessary vegetables for a healthy diet. We offer mountain bike rentals for adults and children.

<IMG SRC=http://www.slovenia.info/pictures/TB_other_accommodations/2003/9/9038_lega.jpg align=left>The Plesnik family is one of the three oldest and most distinguished families in Logarska Dolina, and the pioneers of tourism in this breath-taking valley in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Logarska valley is an ideal starting point for hiking trips to the surroundings, and offers a host of other recreation opportunities: cross-country skiing, cycling, mushroom-picking, hunting. <BR><BR> <IMG SRC=http://www.slovenia.info/pictures/TB_other_accommodations/2003/9/6371_kulinarika.jpg align=left>At the farm, which has a certificate for organic farming, you will be served various homemade delicacies. They are especially proud of their breakfasts and surprise their guests with platters offering homemade savinjski želodec, salami, cheese, jams, butter, and juices. They also offer delicious breakfasts for vegetarians. <br> <BR> <BR><IMG SRC=http://www.slovenia.info/pictures/TB_other_accommodations/2003/9/7737_program.jpg align=left>The Logarska dolina Valley and the surrounding peaks with their enchanting beauty and numerous possibilities for active holidays attract hikers, climbers, bicyclists, and everyone who loves nature.<BR> <BR><BR><br>

Mornings at the Homestead Pr'gavedarjo in Podkoren have always possessed a unique charm – finest modern furnishings glowing in the morning light, a view of Vitranc and stories from a bygone era. The concept of the homestead renovation is unique as well due to the two interwound stories, which have permeated the history of family for many years; namely the environmental story, with the use of natural materials, efficient energy use and minimal environmental impact, and the story of the conservation of the farmhouse cultural heritage.During the renovation the old was restored, modern amenities were added for your comfort; and outstanding concepts, which link stories of the homestead residents with newer ones, were used to elevate your stay to a higher level. The Design Rooms at the Homestead Pr'Gavedarjo are unique since they are the cultural heritage and all furnishings were chosen with the environmentally friendly aspect in mind: wooden furniture was treated with natural wax, beds are made of 100% natural materials and the finishing touch is provided by exquisite fabrics made of certified organic and fair trade cotton. Our guest can enjoy staying in rooms which combine good old-fashioned coziness with contemporary comfort and buy unique room accessories at the homestead for a lasting memory of charming mornings in teh Design Rooms at the Homestead Pr'Gavedarjo.

The Šeruga farm is not far from a main highway and the cities, but surrounded by brooks and forest offers peace, clean unspoiled nature, and good food. The Šerugas believe in perpetuating old family traditions such as the art of making white and Cvicek wines, homemade fruit juices, and brandies. These are served with traditional foods including various dishes made from buckwheat and lentils, rabbit, struklji of various types, potica, and tasty pies. The Šerugas also excel in preparing vegetarian dishes and on request will prepare your freshly caught trout. The surrounding countryside offers numerous opportunities for recreation such as bicycling, hiking, or fishing. Drive to Otocec Castle four kilometers away for a game of tennis, go rafting on the Krka River, swim at the Šmarješke Toplice and Dolenjske Toplice health resorts, or go horseback riding at the nearby Struga Equestrian Center. Among the best-known excursion destinations in the vicinity are the Pleterje and Kostanjevica monasteries.

The undulating Slovenske gorice, where the Firbas family has made its home in Cogetinci are “made” for cycling enthusiasts: you will have to pedal hard here, but not too hard, which means that even the recreational cyclists will want a turn. You can cycle among mineral water springs and vineyards, along the lake of Negovsko jezero and other nearby lakes, thermal baths, mounds and other attractions, which is why the farm holds a cyclist-friendly designation. The stables at the farm hold pigs, cattle, chickens, rabbits, sheep, a goat and horses. You can play beach volleyball, table tennis, football on a small grassy field or take up archery. All these possibilities mean that the Firbas family is often visited by families with children – the farm also holds a certificate for farms that are child-friendly. The house is registered in the network of European houses with tradition. The lady of the house, Marjana, serves her guests a wide range of delicacies that have received awards at the Delicacies of Slovenian Farms (Dobrote slovenskih kmetij) event held in Ptuj (sour milk, pork and sausages, roasts, suckling pig, leavened dough soup dumplings, various kinds of bread, gibanica layered cake, etc.). The master of the house, Alojz, will serve you white wines and juices and the house Poire William pear brandy.

Welcome in "Matjaževa domačija", 150 years old country house, which was restored and refurnished with more than 100 years old furniture, original kitchen range and baker's oven and "upgraded" with modern sauna and ethnic cellar. Perfect place for nostalgic memories of grandparents' way of life. Our welcome will include a whole loaf of home made bread, salami sausage and a local wine cviček. Clear skies afford great views of Otočec castle, Krka river valley , Gorjanci hills and all the way to Zagreb suburbia. We are very close to the thermal resort Šmarješke Toplice (3 km), city Novo mesto is 10 km and Ljubljana are Zagreb are both 70 km away. You can uncover the beauties of the area by walking through many well signed trails and we're also offering you bicycles for rent.

Casa del Sal is a small and charming family home, located in the Piran bay. It stands only 4 km away from Piran and 2 km away from the Croatian Istria. Its view reaches towards the Sečovlje salt-pans Natural Park where salt is still produced. The house boasts a rich history and strong character provided by its inhabitants. In the 1800s it hosted workers who worked in the nearby salt-pans and in 1965 its doors opened for other guests as well. Recently, Casa del Sal was meticulously renovated with the aim of providing its guests traditional hospitality coupled with modern-day comfort. Fans of untouched nature and the sea can enjoy our accommodation services, including a substantial breakfast. We spoil our guests with Istria and Mediterranean dishes, prepared from home-grown bio vegetables and fruit, and a glass of wine. Tradition, character and a touch of romance and warmth have helped Casa del Sal gain membership in the "Houses with Tradition" Europe Traditionae consortium.

The Slamar guesthouse, a magnificent country homestead built in 1857, lies in the midst of the breathtaking Bloke plateau. Explore this oasis of tranquility and unspoilt nature in the surroundings of the Cerknica Lake by foot, bike or on horseback. Exhibited at the guesthouse is the ski equipment used by Slovenia's first skiers, who came from the Bloke region. The Bloke skiers were first mentioned in 1689 by the Slovene writer, Janez Vajkard Valvasor, in his famous work "Glory of the Duchy of Carniola". The guesthouse offers a variety of homestyle dishes, such as buckwheat mush, cheese štruklji (dumplings) and žlikrofi (ravioli) with sage. You will also be served homemade brandy with herbs.

Nestled in the historic town centre of Ljubljana, the Antiq lies on the charming cobblestone street overlooking the romantic Gornji Trg square. This beautifully modernized historic building, houses 16 spacious and beautifully decorated guest rooms. Once a location for the ancient Roman workshop (fabrica), the boutique hotel is a protected historical monument and one of the oldest buildings in Ljubljana. Situated at the footsteps of the Ljubljana castle hill, the Antiq is surrounded by a vast array of small boutiques, cafes and restaurants and is just a short walk away from the banks of the Ljubljanica river and the main tourist attractions. Each guest room is matchless in its design and layout due to the unique architecture of the building. All 16 spacious bedrooms are equipped with the minibar, telephone, TV, hairdryer, air-conditioning and offer wireless or wired internet connection. Several guest rooms have an outside terrace or a separate entrance to the summer garden and offer beautiful views of the Ljubljana castle or the romantic Gornji Trg Square. The hotel is perfectly suited for families as it features two duplex residential apartments, with their own private terrace. The property has several reading and relaxation areas, including the salon bar that offers a selection of finest teas & coffees and selected refreshments and the charming outdoors summer garden, which is very popular with the hotel guests in Spring and Summer periods. Guests can take advantage of the complimentary WiFi access throughout the hotel or use the computers at the business desks free of charge any time of the day. The reception is available 24 hour and a travel desk, where a guest can be assisted with any information.

The Zdolšek Farm, a house of tradition dating from 1824, provides high-quality services to guests who desire privacy, comfort, authenticity and high standards. The farm offers boutique tourism - as opposed to mass tourism - and most of our guests are people who are seeking privacy, tranquillity and rest. We accept pre-booked groups of up to 30 people. A 6-bed apartment is also available. For larger groups, we organise tastings of home-produced wines in our cellar. The food we offer our guests is not traditional but rather a reflection of a genuine local but special cuisine. Štajerska-style sour soup, žganci, home-butchered meat, flatcakes, delicious walnut roll and wine from our own cellar. These are the dishes with which we wish you 'dober tek!' (bon appetit!) The farm's main activities are crop-growing and viticulture. The date 1824 on the stone entrance portal testifies to the age of the house. In front of the house are an enormous garden and an orchard. The surrounding area is varied and interesting. Nature-lovers can enjoy a bicycle ride, go mushrooming, pick medicinal herbs and stroll among the beauties of nature. Guests will also enjoy learning about life on the farm and in the surrounding area. Nearby tourist attractions, the Terme Olimia spa in Podčetrtek and the Terme Rogaška spa can add variety to your stay. In recognition of the quality of its services, the farm has been awarded the maximum 'four apples' farm tourism classification. The elements of tradition, special character and genuine homely atmosphere that distinguish the farm are the reasons it has been selected as a member of the European "Houses of Tradition" network in Slovenia.

Gostišče se nahaja v kraju Mokronog z več tisočletno zgodovino. Tudi samo gostišče kaže veliko naklonjenost do kulturne dediščine; na dvorišču si lahko ogledate veliko zbisko starih vozov in kmečkega orodja; v notranjosti pa zbirko starih majolk, likalnikov, gospodinjskih pripomočkov ipd.

The Pension Lectar**** offers medieval-style comfort in a domestic atmosphere which is sure to leave a lasting impression on you during your vacation in Upper Carniola. It is located in the old centre of Radovljica, which is only a few kilometers away from Slovenia's best-known tourist destination Bled. The pension offers 9 unique double rooms, which are furnished in a traditional style and which provide all the comfort you could ever wish for. Local traditional meals are served in a pleasant, old-fashioned setting inside the inn and in a shaded garden. Apart from good food, we offer a wide selection of premium Slovenian wines. Skilful chefs will see to it that you get your delicious fill of excellent food prepared according to local tradition. We strive to satisfy each and every one of your wishes. You will find available a large selection of meatless dishes, traditional local dishes, salads and desserts; and we have not forgotten about the guests who prefer the classics either. At our museum, in a live honey-bread workshop, located on the premises of the inn Lectar in Radovljica, we are making widely acclaimed products of an old Slovenian craft – »lectarija«.Our products can be made to order in the colour and shape of your choice. They can include a company logo and have a message written on them. We can also wrap them as presents.

The friendly Sorzev Mlin homestead lies in the village of Polze, between the Hudinja River and the millcourse. The nearby 700 year-old watermill still grinds grain into flour. The homestead also boasts a "Venetian" sawmill with a huge paddle-wheel, which is occasionally still operated by the landlord. Visitors can purchase whole-grain flours made of rye, buckwheat, corn and spelt. And, of course, taste the savoury home-baked bread ! Or prepare their own meals from vegetables and fruit grown on the farm. The homestead is an ideal starting point for skiing at the Rogla ski center, and fishing on Smartinsko Lake, meanwhile the neighbor will take you for a ride on his hay cart or horse-drawn carriage.

The Locnikar homestead lies in the village of Skomarje in the Pohorje hills. It is more than 400 years old and has preserved its typical village architecture. Guests can visit the cultural attractions in the village, go bathing in the nearby Zrece health spa, visit the Rogla ski center, and many other excursion points: Crno Lake, the Lovrenc Lakes, Mt. Brinjeva Gora. <BR><BR> <BR><IMG SRC=http://www.slovenia.info/pictures/TB_other_accommodations/2003/9/6371_kulinarika.jpg align=left>Guests can make themselves at home and help with the farm chores and cooking, or simply witness the making of such domestic delicacies as minced meat in lard, roast lamb and Pohorje omelet, and eat them, too! The family also makes homemade blueberry brandy and natural juices, which go well with domestic dishes.

The former homestead ‘Hrvatova domačija’ was almost 300 years old. The new homestead stands on the very same spot as the old one. Also, its ground plan, building materials and design are almost identical. The new building is slightly larger with bigger rooms and modern interior design - for a touch of nostalgia it is covered by a thatched roof. We hold the image and the warmth of the old homestead in dear memory. We offer you a holiday in nature - in the northernmost part of Slovenia. The Goričko regional park, whose borders connect with the regional parks of Austria and Hungary, is a landscape of small hills and valleys with many brooks. It is a world of forests, meadows, gardens fields and vineyards. Three of our apartments are located in the side wing of our homestead, surrounded by a lawn. Each has its own small lobby and a toilet, a living room with a kitchen and a gallery bedroom. There are 4 standard beds and 2 additional spare beds per apartment; also garden access and an atrium. There is another apartment on the first floor of the main homestead building which has a living room, a kitchen and two doublebedded bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. There are two spare beds in the living room. A stone’s throw away from the homestead there is a little house with two bedrooms, a living room with a kitchen; the bathroom and toilet are in separated spaces. Your cars will be safe in our large underground garage.