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Turistična kmetija Žibovt

Member of: Green tourist accommodation | Ecological tourist farms
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General information

Altitude: 1100 m
Size of farm: 59 ha
Open for guests: 15.4. – 15.10.
Rooms: 5/2, 1/3
Seating: 45
Access by bus>

The Žibovt organic tourist farm awaits you at the beginning of the Solčava panoramic road or just three kilometres from the Pavličevo sedlo border crossing if you drive through the village of Preddvor and Jezersko or via Austria. At the entrance to Žibovče, there is a stream on the right-hand side that runs into the pond and a patch of wetland on the farm with many endangered plant species. The homestead lies on a plain and is surrounded by meadows and forests. The mighty old pear tree that stands in the middle of the courtyard, along with the linden trees, provide shade in the summer. Homemade cheeses of all types, buckwheat žganci, bread, savinjski želodec salami and other homemade meat products, fruit juices, dried fruit and mountain tea are a must that will make your meals there a delight. Their cuisine is seasonal and based on tradition. A part of this tradition is the bees, which have been diligently providing honey for a number of generations as well as pollinating the plants and maintaining the biodiversity of the area.
If you decide to stay here for several days, you can spend your time hiking, cycling or walking. The area along the panoramic road where the Žibovt farm is located is known for the healing properties of the iron-saturated mineral water (calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate rich mineral water), with which you can quench your thirst along the way. You will feel the warmth of mountain wood every step of the way: beside the wood-fired bread oven, while playing the wooden board games (made at the farm), on the playground, etc.

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General information

Dostop: iz Logarske doline proti Pavlicevemu sedlu; prva kmetija na panoramski cesti.