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Počitniška hiša Sela na Krasu

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Allgemeine Information


This dreamy Karst house is situated in a small village Sela na Krasu at the edge of karstic plateau, just 10 km away from Monfalcone (Italy), with an unforgettable view of the Gulf of Trieste.


We rent confortable house with air condition suitable for 6 people (a cosy living room with a fully modern equipped kitchen, 2 nice bedrooms, confortable bathroom with a shower, bidet and a toilet, a TV and 2 coverd terraces).


Cycling or walking to get to know the picturesqueness of our karst villages (Tomaj, Dutovlje, Pliskovica, Volčji grad, ...)

Swimming in Monfalcone, Sistiana, Duino.

Discover diferent cultural, historical and natural monuments and attractions in Slovenija (Cerje, Štanjel, Lokev, Lipica, Postojna cave, cave Škocijanske jame, Nova Gorica, ...) and Italy (castel Duino, castel Miramare, Trieste, cave Gigante, Redipuglia, Grado, ...).

Experience a culinary delight in the land of tipical ham (pršut) and tipical red wine (teran) in many good taverns, agri-turisms (osmica).

Casino HIT in Nova Gorica offers a fun night entertainment.

Just resting and relaxing in a calm, romantic and beautiful environment, surrounded with winw yards or take a walk at near paths across karstic commons to regain power.

Feel free to visit us in Sela na Krasu!