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Kamp Vrhpolje

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Allgemeine Information

In the Primorska region, not far away from Vipava you can find a pleasant village Vrhpolje. The Roman times have left their prints on its ground. In the year 394, a battle between the Roman Caesar Teodosius and a rebel Eugenius took place on the field between the village Duplje and the Zemono hill. History books say that the Bora wind or burja affected the outcome of the battle and helped Teodosius, as it turned arrows into Eugenius’ soldiers.

Today, the village is known after its acknowledged wine-makers and splendid wines, which are all a part of Vipava wine road. The village Vrhpolje is an excellent starting point, from where you can explore the beauty of nature. You can climb the plateau Nanos, which is a paradise for those, who like cycling and walking. Near the village, there is also a climbing wall in the gorge of the stream Bela, which attracts a lot of climbers from Slovenia and abroad.

For visitors, who want to spend more time in Vrhpolje and the Vipava Valley, there is now a camping site available – Pouletov kamp – right by the church of St. Primož and Felicijan. Pouletov kamp is owned by the Kobal family that always cheers up its guests with kindness and good spirits. The Kobal family makes their own wine, so you can visit their wine cellar as well.

You can hide in the shade of the fruit trees and in the evening hours you can visit the local sites, go cycling or maybe visit the nearby climbing walls in the gorge of the stream Bela. For those, who like parachuting, there is a well-known takeoff point Kovk, from where you can fly over the valley of sun, Bora wind and vineyards.

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Allgemeine Information