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Turistična kmetija Marin-Miler

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General information

Altitude: 700 m
Size of farm: 18 ha
Open for guests: 1.1. – 31.12.
Rooms: 3/2, 1/3, 2/4
Access by bus

Situated not far from the Austrian border, the village of Šentanel must be counted among Slovenia's loveliest villages. The Marin Miler farm lies in the heart of the village, with a wonderful view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. The quaint village emanates the unique atmosphere and culture of Koroška, and the Miler family uphold tradition not least in the preparation of their food. Sample homemade Koroška pršut (prosciutto), wild game, or štruklji, the traditional Slovene filled pastry rolls. The countryside surrounding the village seems almost untouched by civilization, and the hosts organize day trips to various areas in the region. Visit Ivarcko jezero lake, the unique Snežna Jama ice cave, or Mount Peca, where legend says the Slovene King Arthur, Kralj Matjaž, sleeps. There is also a museum in the village for history lovers that displays various old farm tools and machinery.

Top features

pets welcome
car parking lot
indoor swimming pool
family friendly
disabled accessible

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General information

Dostop: Od odcepa na Poljani proti Šentanelu so kažipoti, ki vas pripeljejo do turisticne kmetije.