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Turistična kmetija Pr´Jureč

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Información general

Located on the Ledine plateau, the Pr' Jureč farm is a wonderful place to learn about traditional Slovene farming. The Bogataj family has collection of around 300 antique farm tools and machines that they use to demonstrate the old way of life on a Slovene farm and a variety of traditional handicrafts. In their Soil-Wheat-Bread program, participants first work in the fields sowing various types of seeds, then thresh wheat, and finally bake bread in the oven. The Bogataj family also offers a three-day Rural Life program intended primarily for children. The children, who sleep in a dormitory, help feed the animals, go for walks on the Petelinka forest trail, learn about the trees, etc. The food on the farm is naturally homemade and home-grown. Along with freshly baked bread, guests can look forward to a variety of dried meat items, roast pork, buckwheat žganci (groats), traditional Idrija žlikrofi, and walnut or hazelnut štruklji. At Easter, a special traditional dish called Easter Alleluia is prepared that is rarely found anywhere else. The farm is a great starting point for hikes on the Ledina plateau and visits to nearby Idrija and the interesting old towns of Cerkno and Škofja Loka.